face to face sessions

Please enquire about face to face sessions.

remote sessions

Sessions are currently available via video or phone. Please contact me for more information.

Services Provided

Individual Counselling

I offer Systemic/Integrative counselling incorporating a range of techniques including Person-Centred Support, CBT Techniques or Solution Focused work.

I try to focus on the issue that is important to you and initial sessions would be used to explore your concerns and what you would like to get out of counselling.

I have professional and lived experience of issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community and feel it is important to provide a respectful safe space to express identity and explore the issues clients may be dealing with.

Likewise I have a great deal of experience both personally and professionally of neurodiversity and have worked with many ND clients, looking at issues such as Autism (including experience with PDA), ADHD and OCD amongst others.

I appreciate some clients may not have formal diagnoses of these neurodiversities but may have identified that their experience resonates with them. I feel passionately that it’s important to respect the client’s knowledge of themselves.

I also feel it is important to generally promote greater understanding of these issues while at the same time recognising that everyone is an individual and may be impacted differently by any diagnosis.

Supervision for counsellors

I have many years experience supervising, training and line managing counsellors of all experience levels.

I believe in taking a collaborative, open approach to supervision so that counsellors are able to be open about both successes and concerns about practice.

I have extensive experience in working with young people and supervising counsellors working with young people, so I am confident in supporting with safeguarding as well as with the work in general.

Supervision should be a safe space to talk through clients, but also a place to develop knowledge and share practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling provides a safe space to explore your feelings and work through barriers to emotional wellbeing. It’s a shared process with the counsellor and client.

Counselling should create an environment where people can explore painful or difficult thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement.

It can also provide an opportunity to look at coping mechanisms and do some solution focused work. For example, counselling might look at ways to understand and to reduce anxiety, or to better cope with adverse circumstances.

Counselling sessions typically last for 50 minutes.

Supervision sessions may depend on what is agreed between supervisor and supervisee.

Counselling sessions are generally weekly but sometimes other arrangements may feel more appropriate and we can discuss this together.

Anything you discuss in counselling is almost always confidential. However in some rare circumstances, for example if I have a serious concern about you or about risk to someone else, I might need to share information. I would always try to talk through concerns with you before sharing information.

I know this can feel scary, but it’s unlikely to happen and before undertaking counselling, I would talk through confidentiality, and explain all of these issues and would be happy to answer any questions.

Please contact me using the contact page on this web site and let me know what days and times you prefer.

The usual cost of a 50 minute remote counselling session is £50.

I am sometimes able to offer concessionary fees, so please feel free to contact me to discuss

The usual cost of supervision is £60 per hour.

I am sometimes able to offer concessionary fees, so please feel free to contact me to discuss

Choosing a counsellor is a very personal decision. I would always recommend having an initial discussion with the counsellor to see if it feels like a good fit. It’s always a good idea to openly ask about any concerns as a good counsellor will be happy to discuss these.

I always offer an initial phone conversation to see if you want to book a session.

This can be really variable. It can help to agree an initial number of sessions and then have a review of how work is going. Some people choose to have shorter term work (approximately 6 to 10 sessions) but other people feel they benefit from longer term counselling.

I have locations in Surrey and Hampshire. I also offer remote sessions via video or phone