Counselling for adults and young people

Accredited Counsellor And Qualified Supervisor

Get support for emotional issues and improve your mental health and sense of well-being, in a supportive and safe space.

Looking for support can be confusing.

I’m here to help.

Hello and welcome! You are probably here because you’re looking for support for yourself or for someone you care about. I hope I might be able to help! 

One of your first questions might be “what would counselling with you be like?” My belief is that counselling is interactive, a journey that client and counsellor take together to explore what’s happening for you, and also to look at what you want to take away from counselling. I strongly believe in recognising that (while I have the experience and expertise to help), you are the expert on your life and your feelings. So our work would be about working together honestly and with respect.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had experience with support where you talk and the person just sits and looks at you and never says a thing?  I know I have. Sometimes that might help but it can often feel like you’re not getting anything back. But the main thing, which I strongly believe, is that counselling needs to adapt to what works for you.  I also believe counselling is mutual conversation so, if we work together, I’m here to reflect, and explore feelings but also to support you (if helpful) to consider options and ways to cope. 

It might be useful to mention some things that counselling is NOT. Counselling is not about telling you what you “should” do. It’s not about judging you for your feelings or actions. It’s not about minimising your experience. We all have feelings and experiences we may be proud to share but maybe also have other feelings or traumas which are difficult to talk about. Counselling should be a safe space to explore any of these things.

Feel free to contact me for an initial discussion.

LGBTQ+ and Neurodiversity affirming practitioner

Areas Of Expertise

I have experience working by phone and online (both through video and written word), as well as face to face. My background is in Systemic Counselling, but I have used a range of modalities. Issues I can help with include:

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